Today we bathed crystals in the warm, Mediterranean Sea. Not only does this clean crystals but it also charges them with a natural rhythm in keeping with the movement of the sea. The frequency of the natural movement becomes embedded within the crystal and, when activated accordingly, can adjust the energy field to respond to a gentler rhythm of life. Don’t just take my word for it, scientists have proven that the mind and body respond to nature, particularly the rhythm of the sea, and report that brain waves really do slow down thereby de- stressing and calming the whole being. 

Needless to say the Diploma students had no problem trying this out to see if they agreed. Could a crystal really capture the vibration of the sea and transmit it back into their field? 

When rainbows began to appear and glitter within the quartz that were not apparent previously, each student shared a knowing smile that something had definitely occurred during the cleansing. “It is as if the crystal is smiling at me” one student reported, another suggested that the crystal had come to life and seemed to have captured the experience of having a bath in the sea. Either way we sat and meditated under the stars, on a warm October evening, listening to the waves, tuning in to our individual inner worlds and feeling that we would not wish to be anywhere other than right here right now. Tomorrow we will use the crystals in healing and determine whether or not the exercise was a success and the student can feel the rhythm of the sea via the connection to the quartz…..

I just love playing with crystals; particularly when using them to raise physical energy harmonise emotions and stabilise mental focus to maintain purer frequencies of being in love with life. These are precious moments that we share with each student and give thanks for the experience and joy of watching each of them grow when connecting to the love and incredible non-verbal wisdom of the Earth.  

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