A Journey into the Cosmos with Crystals

Ok so we don’t actually need space suits and oxygen tanks haha, when I say a journey into the cosmos, I mean we take awareness into the cosmos. Crystals amplify the sensations within the body and the whole experience becomes very real on many levels. Let me explain! Scientists have already agreed...

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Sun and Moon energies

The sun and moon are both in constant movement; however the moon phases and energy shifts are much quicker than the movement of the sun. The sun takes 30 days to change its alignment with the stars, therefore energetically speaking any lessons we are learning from the sun take longer to integrate,...

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Mandela for to trust

The Moon and Me She shadows over the Earth at night and sometimes is kept out of sight.Her constant movement rules over the Oceansand always affects my sensitive emotions.Her kindness and love shines deep in my heartbut also reveals where I have grown apartfrom the wholeness I feel when I stay...

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Crystals and JSJ for Addiction

ENERGY MEDICINE Listed below are details of how to enhance a basic chakra layout with selected crystals and JSJ energy lock placements to adjust the vibration of the body to alleviate addiction. It is expected that the user has a brief knowledge in the subject of crystal healing and is familiar...

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Rhodonite, the heart healer

Whilst meditating with Rhodonite, these words came to mind and I wanted to share them with you: When I release hurts from my heart My heart will attract pure situations When I release mental images of what I want My heart will stop getting confused When I do all of this, my heart will sing AND I...

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