Bathing Crystals in the Mediterranean Sea

Today we bathed crystals in the warm, Mediterranean Sea. Not only does this clean crystals but it also charges them with a natural rhythm in keeping with the movement of the sea. The frequency of the natural movement becomes embedded within the crystal and, when activated accordingly, can adjust the energy field to respond to a gentler rhythm of life. Don’t just take my word for it, scientists have proven that the mind and body respond to nature, particularly the rhythm of the sea, and report that brain waves really do slow down thereby de- stressing and calming the whole being. 

Needless to say the Diploma students had no problem trying this out to see if they agreed. Could a crystal really capture the vibration of the sea and transmit it back into their field? 

When rainbows began to appear and glitter within the quartz that were not apparent previously, each student shared a knowing smile that something had definitely occurred during the cleansing. “It is as if the crystal is smiling at me” one student reported, another suggested that the crystal had come to life and seemed to have captured the experience of having a bath in the sea. Either way we sat and meditated under the stars, on a warm October evening, listening to the waves, tuning in to our individual inner worlds and feeling that we would not wish to be anywhere other than right here right now. Tomorrow we will use the crystals in healing and determine whether or not the exercise was a success and the student can feel the rhythm of the sea via the connection to the quartz…..

I just love playing with crystals; particularly when using them to raise physical energy harmonise emotions and stabilise mental focus to maintain purer frequencies of being in love with life. These are precious moments that we share with each student and give thanks for the experience and joy of watching each of them grow when connecting to the love and incredible non-verbal wisdom of the Earth.  

Diploma students to arrive in Spain

There are only 4 more days until we welcome the very first Diploma students here in Spain.
I came to the Andalusia region of Spain 2 years ago and fell in love with the natural geological composition of quartz on the beach, mica shining on the surface of the mountains and sheets of green fucshite that really affect the loving vibration which is apparent here. Many locals say that this area has a sacred feel to it and I have to say that you rarely see people without a smile…. (All year round sunshine helps !!!). However there really is a wonderful feel to the area and I believe it is being emitted from the geological crystalline structure of the area. It will be interesting to see what the students say when they arrive.

The Diploma has only ever been available in the UK, (since 2004 how time flies) but as of now we offer Module 1 here where you join us for  7 days of tuition in the practical techniques and applications in Spain, followed by 12 theory units that are completed independently and submitted on line. Once module 1 has been completed we drag you back, kicking and screaming (NOT) to complete another 7 days of tuition. Post Graduate students have visited this area and did not want to leave. The feedback was incredible which encouraged us to invite Diploma students over to enjoy the energy too.

Well when you are cleansing crystals in the warm sea, sitting on great big chunks of white quartz on the beach and having theory classes on the veranda overlooking the Mediterranean…. What better setting….… Did I forget to mention the odd glass of Sangria? Well it would be rude not to. J

A quick Hi

We are adjusting the website at the moment and hope that it doesn’t spoil your experience as you look around at what is on offer. I will be posting lots of news in the future and so keep an eye on my blog so that you are up to date with my crystals for sale and courses. Lots of love Jackie xxx

Researching the effects of Crystal Healing and Liberty Training on Horses

Introducing Lola
Lola is approximately 14 years old; she is about 15 hands high and is speckled grey in colour. She lives in a horse Sanctuary along with other rescue horses and has a very special bond with her friend Alysha, a chestnut part Arabian horse. She appears to be the lead mare in the pen she inhabits and is in reasonable physical health. We chose Lola as a case study for crystal massage and liberty training because of her resistance to being caught. It is quite difficult to know exactly why she avoids being caught but it makes human interaction and care quite challenging. We do not know Lola’s past but when caught she reacts intensely at the sight of a whip so we assume she may have had trauma with previous trainers.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Therapy is a holistic treatment whereby piezo and pyro electrons resonate inside the crystals to emit a gentle stimulus directly into the neurological system (nervous system). Lola’s condition appears to be mainly psychological which is directly linked to the neurological system therefore we feel Crystal therapy will be a good choice of holistic treatment to help her condition.

Liberty Training
Liberty Training is a method of horse training that uses positive reinforcements to create a bond between trainer and horse. It affords the horse freedom to move away from the training session if it feels threatened or anxious at any point. This method of training avoids putting pressure on the horse and has been found to be a much gentler way of training than some old school methods. Lola appears to have been trained using negative reinforcements so the aim of the training is to improve her psychological wellbeing and establish a good bond between trainer and horse.

Crystal Healing Research on Willow (18 year old horse)


You may remember my blog back in January 2017 when we introduced you to Willow… If you want to refresh your memory please read below.
Basically willow had been locked in a stable and not been able to lie down for 7 years. When she arrived at Ranch Elysium she was in a very sorry state.
However we are delighted to report that after many crystal healing sessions, much love and caring attention Willow has lay down and rolled.
I had gridded the ground with crystals back in February setting the intention of creating a sacred space where Willow could feel safe and comfortable enough to lie down and sure enough the location where she finally was able to relax was close by to the crystal grid.
I have to say that working alongside Mark, Vanessa, Alan and Juan at Rancho Elysium has brought me joy beyond belief and the recognition of how powerful the healing energy of love is.
An absolutely wonderful experience with a perfect result.