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December 2017

Researching the effects of Crystal Healing and Liberty Training on Horses

Introducing Lola
Lola is approximately 14 years old; she is about 15 hands high and is speckled grey in colour. She lives in a horse Sanctuary along with other rescue horses and has a very special bond with her friend Alysha, a chestnut part Arabian horse. She appears to be the lead mare in the pen she inhabits and is in reasonable physical health. We chose Lola as a case study for crystal massage and liberty training because of her resistance to being caught. It is quite difficult to know exactly why she avoids being caught but it makes human interaction and care quite challenging. We do not know Lola’s past but when caught she reacts intensely at the sight of a whip so we assume she may have had trauma with previous trainers.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Therapy is a holistic treatment whereby piezo and pyro electrons resonate inside the crystals to emit a gentle stimulus directly into the neurological system (nervous system). Lola’s condition appears to be mainly psychological which is directly linked to the neurological system therefore we feel Crystal therapy will be a good choice of holistic treatment to help her condition.

Liberty Training
Liberty Training is a method of horse training that uses positive reinforcements to create a bond between trainer and horse. It affords the horse freedom to move away from the training session if it feels threatened or anxious at any point. This method of training avoids putting pressure on the horse and has been found to be a much gentler way of training than some old school methods. Lola appears to have been trained using negative reinforcements so the aim of the training is to improve her psychological wellbeing and establish a good bond between trainer and horse.


Session 1 ……4 December 2017
Lola appears to be quite trusting when connecting to her from the outside of the fencing surrounding her paddock. However, upon entering the paddock she behaves in a totally different manner. She walks away from human contact and will do her very best to position herself with another horse between her and the person trying to catch her, indicating that she needs a barrier to make her feel safe. It takes approximately 5 minutes to catch her and that is only achieved if she finally relaxes and allows you to catch her after gaining her trust otherwise it can be almost impossible to catch her. When she is led to the training arena she appears to be relaxed but after a short while in the Arena she becomes anxious and tense, suggesting that she may have separation anxiety having left Alysha.

Amber was chosen for its ability to instil contentment and relaxation also for its properties as an antibiotic and to emotionally clear feelings and memories from the past. Amber will boost the immune system and aid regeneration on all levels, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Massage was applied gently to her abdomen and then slowly incorporating her whole body and head. She appeared to relax extremely quickly and showed signs that she was enjoying the experience. The anxiety was removed and at one point we felt she would roll. Her body language was of deep relaxation and enjoyment.
Liberty Training
It was felt that the start of the training should be aimed at doing nothing and to educate Lola that there were no expectations required from her. The trainer felt that just spending time in the arena


May 2017

Crystal Healing Research on Willow (18 year old horse)

You may remember my blog back in January 2017 when we introduced you to Willow… If you want to refresh your memory please read below.
Basically willow had been locked in a stable and not been able to lie down for 7 years. When she arrived at Ranch Elysium she was in a very sorry state.

However we are delighted to report that after many crystal healing sessions, much love and caring attention Willow has lay down and rolled.
I had gridded the ground with crystals back in February setting the intention of creating a sacred space where Willow  could feel safe and comfortable enough to lie down and sure enough the location where she finally was able  to relax was close by to the crystal grid.

I have to say that working alongside Mark, Vanessa, Alan and Juan at Rancho Elysium has brought me joy beyond belief and the recognition of how powerful the healing energy of love is.
An absolutely wonderful experience with a perfect result.


February 2017

Cavansite & Stilbite: Truth and Acceptance
Good for the MIND Mellow Insightful Nurturing Delight.
In the past I have always used malachite to bring up the truth within me, however Cavansite in a matrix of Stilbite caught my attention and I have been working with its energy for over 3 weeks now. It is the first crystal that greeted me (stole my attention) when I arrived on my adventures in Spain and after connecting with t the synchronicities that happened were incredible.
The truth on the blue ray is different to the truth on the green ray in as much as it is gentler and the stilbiite appears to soften it even further by aiding acceptance of what is rather than trying to change it. Don’t get me wrong the truth is still the truth, the difference being the delivery of the truth, if you get what I mean. Malachite can unearth the truth and be quite ruthless….. a little like Simon Cowell, whereas the Cavansite would be gentler in its delivery like a loving mother educating a child. I like the gentler ray far better than the harshness of the malachite. However malachite will create instant change after the ruthless truth which is needed in some extreme cases of illness to help one “see” the root cause of dis ease, whereas Cavansite may allow you to take your time to adjust.
Cavansite takes you below the surface of reality to “see” the spiritual truth of the situation, life experience, drama, worry or imbalance that has been made known to you. It teaches that there is only one truth and it belongs to you and you alone, what is right for you is not going to match exactly to anyone else, you are unique. Truth changes as well depending on your life experiences, so try not to  hold on to past truths as they may block or stilt your learning and growth as a spiritual being. Life is a series of moments and Cavansite helps you to still the mind so you can have full awareness in each moment, living true to your hearts desires.
Physically Cavansite is excellent for projects of the ears, throat, heart and chest/ lungs.
Mentally Cavansite soothes the mind and brings full acceptance of what is.
Emotionally Cavansite brings peace love and harmony.


Research: Crystal healing on Willow ( 18 year old Horse)

History: Willow is a beautiful piebald horse, 18 years of age and was kept in a stable over a 7 year period, where she was fed and watered regularly but tethered and denied access to move about freely. She would reverse her back end into the back of the stable in a bid to break free. She has been with her new keeper since October 2016 and we started crystal massage on her on the 30 January 2017. Vanessa, her keeper at present, stated that Willow doesn’t lie down and relax or roll over on the ground.

Our Aim is to relax Willow enough to be comfortable enough to lie down and roll with the other horses. To do this she would need to be strong enough to get up and relaxed enough to get down.

Initial assessment

Physically: Willow has stiffness in her hind legs and walks as if she is on her “tip toes” thereby causing possible problems with her fetlock. There is evidence of a lot of tension in between her hips and along the sacral area down to the coccyx. Her skin is dry and flaky and she has a few abrasions on her back.
Emotionally: She seems quite happy in herself and appears to have adapted to her new environment with quite a placid nature.

Mentally: Willow is alert, bright and well aware of her surroundings. She appeared to be easily disturbed by any noises stopping her from relaxing as deeply as I would have liked.

30 January 2017 1st Healing session
To relax the tension she is holding in her hips and to gain trust between myself and willow.

Crystals chosen Lepidolite: A stone of transition that helps restructure old patterns and reduce stress associated with change and aids those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD). Lepidolite is also known for benefiting the nervous system and alleviating depression.
Picture jasper: works well on the physical aspect of the whole body, repairing damaged muscle, ligaments and repairing bone tissue. Its energy is stabilising and very nurturing alleviating fear and encouraging well-being and deep relaxation.

Healing session Willow was tethered to a post so we could perform healing on her. I began massaging her back and spine with crystals. She started to stamp her foot which indicated that she was not happy with what was happening. I continued with the crystals but she wouldn’t settle, after approximately 10 minutes I actually thought that we would have to stop, but Vanessa suggested she may not like being tethered. My husband released the rope and held her instead, slowly she began to settle. I allowed my instincts to control the session and observed what I was feeling:

As I massaged around Willows hips it brought up deep sadness within me…..I began to physically massage willows back and hips and felt that she enjoyed it. When holding the locks I couldn’t let go of the coccyx… it was as if she required security and love … I held the lock firmly and with reassurance that all was well. Mark recognised that part of her problem was mental so he placed and held Lepidolite on her brow for some time. Finally ¾ of the way through the 1 hour session she began to drop her head and relax.

Outcome: I felt that after we had finished the session she was a little more relaxed and that we had started to trust each other.
Intention achieved


Message from Lord Kathumi

As my awareness has grown with regard to being receptive and interpreting the frequencies emitted from crystals, so has my ability to hear the land or rather the earth beneath my feet. I have come to realise that the land / earth speaks to me through my feet and requires me to be fully present to access it. The crystals speak to me mainly through my hands or energy points on my body. For me, it was easier to listen to the many different signals from the crystals as they were not in my everyday consciousness whereas the land beneath my feet is emitting a constant signal 24-7 and therefore easier to miss. It wasn’t until I decided to spend time in a foreign country that I began to notice the frequency of the area. This is a shift in my awareness to be able to access the principalities.

Having taught Angel classes for over 10 years I am quite familiar with the hierarchy of the Angelic Kingdom. Let me explain, an hierarchy is not stepping stones to higher levels of consciousness but an expansion of awareness that is a natural progression for those who wish to open their minds and allow the Angelic frequency to guide them into the purer realms. Principalities are Angelic levels of consciousness that are connected to the wellbeing of a community in a country or region. They deal with the collective consciousness rather than individual consciousness of those who wish to ascend. Their concern is the “bigger picture” so to speak. Individuals work better with Archangels, Ascended Master, goddesses…….who will help with the evolution of an ancestry.

So how do crystals and Angels work together? Crystals adjust the frequency of the mind, body and emotional equilibrium to enable the recipient to drop through levels of fears and insecurities into the finer levels of consciousness. Each time fears and insecurities are released the energy field of the individual becomes clearer and enables easier access to tune into the finer frequencies. Through intention and meditation it is possible to communicate with the ethers, ( Angels, Master, principalities, goddesses, fairies…..)

The master I have been communicating with is Lord Kathumi, an Ascended Master of Ancient Wisdom. He oversees the development of the human race and is a member of the Great White Brotherhood, thereby working on many levels including principalities. He made me aware that his consciousness is available through the crystals bustamite, ruby and thulite.


Although Lord Kathumi  is said to be of the second ray I felt he was talking to me about the first red ray. This is what he said to me as I lay meditating on releasing fears and holding my awareness in the present moment.Lord KathumiThey are toxic you know….”
Me What are?
Lord kathumi “Fears….. did you know that given the right environment and conditions and  if you were totally fear free you could regenerate your own body and never die? Fear and insecurity create adrenal toxicity within your body which damages and can kill the cells. Many of you are now aware of the importance of becoming fear free. The personal benefits alone are many but as a race…well the lifestyle and adjustment will realign the whole planet. Each time just one person vibrates to the energy of love (without fear) it affects the environment, the trees, and all of nature. When just one person opens their heart without fear it radiates out like a beacon of light and has enormous impact on the whole planet, it filters down to the smallest level of life (microcosm) and out to impact on the solar system and galaxy (macrocosm). This is why there is much interest in planet Earth at the moment, because as the Earth shifts into the purer higher vibrations so it affects the solar system and the expansion of energy then affects the galaxy and so on. Keep working on letting go of your fears and opening your hearts, we are all here to help as much as we can “

If you would like to learn more about the connection between angels and crystals we are offering a course on the 12 February 2017 here is the link:

If you would like to join us on a retreat in the mountains to heighten your connection to the Angelic Kingdom through the Earth here is the link:

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Crystal of the month Emerald to help stabilise The Moon Energy for January 2017

The moon this month is all about home life, family, becoming more in tune with yourself and interpreting your sensitivity. The energy of Emerald is known for its ability to bring domestic bliss and stability. ENJOY

February 11th full moon, meditation will be at Carleton Memorial Hall start at 7.30 pm till 8.45pm
All welcome £12 for the evening including crystal to deal with the energy of the moon.

Crystal Prediction For 2017


I chose 3 cards to give us an idea of what 2017 has in store for us. The 3 cards are Danburite, Chrysocolla and Ametrine.
Next year, 2017, is a year “One” so for a lot of us it will be quite challenging. This means there will be lots of changes, new beginnings and unless we can let go of the past to move forward with absolutely no baggage, it may be a bit of a struggle.
Danburite is the first crystal that has come out so the early part of the year will be about releasing the past and letting go of anything that is holding you back such as negative influences. This does not happen by matter of course, you have to get on board with it and allow yourself to let go of anything that’s behind you. You must be prepared to forgive, find comfort in yourself and to be able to move forward into those purer frequencies. Danburite is an amazing crystal to help you do this and throughout January I know that a lot of you will be releasing a layer of baggage that is no longer necessary and once you have done this there will be a massive absolute relaxation going on in your energy field.


Chrysocolla is a crystal that releases undulating expanded relaxation, energy and lets your spirit soar. So once you’ve managed to let go in that early part of the year, which may take you up to the end of January  to do so, then say to yourself “this is change, this is my life now!” The Chrysocolla will expand your energy and will allow you to be at one and peace with yourself. The rest of the year really has got happiness in store once you have achieved this.
Ametrine is a wonderful crystal to connect you to the wisdom of your heart and combine it with your intellect. This will lead you to intellectually follow your heart rather than your heart following your head as this never works. Ametrine is all about happiness.


Rose Quartz a real gem for Party Time

eye-soothers_editedWith the festive season party time upon us it can create dark circles and bloodshot eyes.

If you want to restore that twinkle and eliminate the “Party Eyes”, use Rose Quartz Eye Soothers!

Simply place over the eyes, gently resting in the eye socket or just below and then experience pure bliss

Some great info about the Rose Quartz Eye Soothers:

  • Sooths eyestrain
  • Aids  “seeing”  the beauty within the self and in others
  • Improves self esteem
  • Works well on bloodshot eyes
  • Tones and tightens skin

Amethyst Blog 29th November 2016

amethyst-in-water_editedIt’s coming up to that time of year when we can have a tendency to drink too much and over indulge. One of the best ways to help with this is to drink Amethyst infused water. 
All you need to do is place an Amethyst crystal into a glass, jug or container and pour tap water over it with the intention of the Amethyst detoxing you. It will also purify tap water, so why not take the challenge!
Drinking Amethyst water will really help keep your system clean. If you wear Amethyst when you go out you will find that you won’t over indulge. 
The legend states that the Greek God Amethystos killed his wife whilst he was drunk and as he cried his tears turned into Amethyst. He swore that he would never drink again and by doing so he programmed the Amethyst to maintain sobriety.
Here is a tip for you all. Amethyst will give you a pure vibration and will help you stay in good health over the festive period 
NB. If you want to try this with other crystals PLEASE check beforehand as some can turn the water poisonous and make you ill and even kill you!
Why not try one of Jacqueline Winter’s Bracelets! These are available to purchase at £7.50. Please PM me if you’re interested

Full Moon Energy 15th November 2016

new-moonAs we had a full moon on the 14th November 2016, I thought it would be interesting to just let you know which crystals are not suited at being outside in the moon energy.
The moon energy, especially a full moon, is about heightened emotions. It’s a very feminine energy that is very gentle, although it highlights the emotions so sometimes it’s not very gentle, and it’s not suited to all crystals. 
Sunstone would not charge well in the moonlight, due to the fact it is a contrary energy so it really is important to become aware of what crystals you are putting out there in the moonlight to get energized. You also need to realise that the full moon is about accentuating your emotions. So when you put a crystal in the full moon energy to charge it, what you’re saying is “really, really bring out this energy inside of me”.
Be sure that you know what it is that you’re asking for because people sometimes put crystals outside in the full moon without full awareness of what is really happening.