Quartz Crystals and various gems are already found in many facial and body creams, due to the recognition that they enhance the effect of the product. Quartz is a piezoelectric material that generates an electrical charge and was discovered by Pierre Curie and his brother Jacques in 1880. The concept of using crystal energy was developed further in 1970 with the introduction of quartz watches

When crystals are used independently in massage or facials, they emit a natural form of light/energy that stimulates the neurological system and sends positive messages/signals to the brain and throughout the body. The light permeates through the skin to a deeper, cellular level encouraging healthy growth patterns and a rejuvenated appearance. Various types of crystals have been used in case studies and have been found to be beneficial for deep relaxation, lymphatic drainage, improved muscle tone, increased self-esteem and skin purification.

Crystals bring a new opportunity for the beauty industry to embrace well-being and the mental, emotional and physical aspects of ageing in a manner that is natural, non-invasive and safe.


The Crystal web of light is a gentle, non-invasive form of vibrational therapy that is designed to trigger a response from the acupressure points in the face or the body, resulting in a whole-body experience. The crystals have been carefully selected for their natural ability to emit a high vibrational light frequency (life giving energy) that will gently stimulate cell renewal in the face or body to tone the muscles and calm the neurological system. The results have been outstanding reporting rejuvenation, healthy, younger looking skin growth, an uplifted more positive attitude toward life and the ageing process.



The energy emitted from the web is not just about addressing the physical aspect of a client; the crystals will adjust mental perceptions and clear emotional debris. The experience will address beauty from an angle whereby “when you see beauty in yourself and in others you initiate a deep inner feeling of love that is both life giving and ageless”. When you are filled with love you shine from a deeper level than the skin your soul shines through and emits an ageless glow of light from within. This is the light of life! Crystal energy triggers this feeling of love and activates the natural rejuvenation process that is experienced by the body through the act of loving. Those who walk through life in love do not require enhancements they know they are perfect exactly as they are. They embrace the ageing process gracefully and enjoy life to the full. 


Many people “live” in their head in present day society, creating a depletion of physical energy and an excess of mental energy. By using the crystal web of light, the energy will be redistributed evenly throughout the body via the acupressure points to return a balanced mind, body and emotional equilibrium. Besides the relaxation benefits case studies have reported improvements to acne, scar tissue, eyes, moles, teeth, gums, ears and sinus problems. 


To become a Therapist Please enrol on our 2 Day FHT Accredited course.


“Incredible… I had been taking strong medication to help alleviate acne and after just one session with the web the inflammation had reduced, my skin felt less tight and the texture was softer and less bumpy. I am really excited to see how the treatments continue”

“Having been a regular Botox user I decided I wanted to try a more natural approach, so when I was offered the chance of being a case study for the web, I was intrigued but not convinced it would be any good. I was wrong… I could feel gentle tingling on my skin and the muscles seemed to respond by becoming more toned. When I looked in the mirror at the end there was a significant improvement, my face seemed to shine. I have booked 6 sessions!!”

“Being a lady of a certain age, I was losing my confidence a little so decided to try a natural approach to wellbeing and beauty. After 3 sessions with the web I found that I had more confidence, my face seemed lighter and skin tone improved and although I don’t look like 20 again, I am feeling good. I have had lots of compliments regarding my appearance and people are asking what my secret is, which I find quite amusing, I would definitely recommend the web it has changed my outlook on life as well “

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Jacqueline Winters



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