What is wrong with this statement “I want to be ……. peaceful, happy, respected, loved, wealthy ………?

The Universe will hold you in the place of wanting… so you will not progress to the destination that you desire, you will remain always wanting…

Some may recognise their dilemma and change their inner voice to say “I am…. peaceful, happy, respected, wealthy ….”

But the heart recognises the lie and again does not take you to your desired destination.

Energy medicine requires internal honesty and acceptance. When you are searching for something in life; peace, happiness, respect, love, wealth… you are looking for an internal feeling that will attract the external world to fall in line with your energy field. This is empowerment and wholeness

So, when you feel peace, your world becomes peaceful… when you feel happiness joy flourishes in your life because your resonance is creating your experience of life.

When you are angry, sad, fearful, confused…. at life, a person, events or a situation it is too easy to project that feeling to the external world, which is likely to come back to you as energy circulates

In energy medicine to heal you must:

  • Take responsibility for your actions and aim to only project in the vibration of love

THIS CAN BE CHALLENGING But then nobody said it would be easy… However, when you get the knack of it, it does become easier.

  • Be honest with yourself own the moment: I AM angry, spiteful, jealous, greedy, unloved, insecure… whatever comes into awareness for you in the moment. Don’t try and stop the feeling coming to the surface, remain present with your awareness and try not to send it into someone else’s energy field or out into the collective consciousness.
  • Accept the feeling, welcome it into your awareness and body; do not try to change it. Communicate with your body and ask it what it has to say… If anything, BE KIND to yourself and do not re-infect the feeling by giving it life, a story, keep your mind empty and become the observer.
  • Once you have owned the energy, allowed it a voice in your body. When it has been fully felt and acknowledged it will dissipate and with it any unease that you felt. When you are at ease with yourself you avoid living in disease.

This is what is meant by the I AM presence.

Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Leading the way in vibrational medicine in the UK and Europe

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