Ok so we don’t actually need space suits and oxygen tanks haha, when I say a journey into the cosmos, I mean we take awareness into the cosmos. Crystals amplify the sensations within the body and the whole experience becomes very real on many levels. Let me explain!

Scientists have already agreed that the body cannot differentiate between an actual experience and an imaginary one. The neurological system responds to imagination in exactly the same way it would to a real-life experience. This is why fairgrounds have “virtual rollercoasters” so people can experience going on a rollercoaster without actually going on one, the sensations within the body are just as real as if they had actually been on one. It is also why meditation, hypnotherapy, dreams, fearful thoughts……. All have a physical impact on the body.

So why would we want to go out into the cosmos with our awareness?

  • The cosmos has a natural order…. I used to wonder why all the planets travelling around the sun didn’t bump into each other haha. Well it is because the sun has a magnetic pull on the field of energy within our solar system, thereby maintaining a natural order. The black stuff we see that suspends all of the planets is of course energy and quantum physicists have determined that this nothingness appears to have an intelligence all of its own… think I will leave you to discover more of that on your own, I am no expert and it is a topic all on its own that can leave you completed lost with its total lack of logic!!. However, the black stuff seems to have a frequency of nothingness. No Thing ness …. Which is fabulous to meditate into, it takes your mind into a state of pure awareness and relieves mental chatter. Great for those who have an active mind.
    RESULT: You feel more organised with a clear mind and relax into allowing things to find a natural flow.


  • The stars and planets all have a frequency of their own………. If you struggle to love your personality or somebody else’s personality, then you can connect to the ruling planet of the astrological sun sign. Most astrology sites on the internet list the planet that rules over the sun sign which is sometimes listed as your Star sign… I know it’s confusing… for instance my birthday is mid-August, so my star sign is Leo and the ruling planet is the Sun…. So, I can choose crystals such as sunstone, tigers’ eye, yellow calcite…. to name but a few that are linked to the sun to help me fall in love with the personality that I have chosen for this lifetime … This is where birthstones originated from. … You can also find inner peace with someone else’s personality who possibly frustrates or upsets you by using the crystal aligned to their sun sign. This will help you to discover what is not sitting comfortably within you that the personality has brought to the surface within you. Remember that the ultimate goal for using crystals is to find and maintain unconditional love inside of you, so if someone is frustrating or upsetting you then you do not have inner peace and will not be able to find the love
    RESULT: Find inner peace, listed below is my interpretation of energy links to the planets. This is not a traditional birthstone chart as I believe that there are many energy frequencies linked to each planet.


  • Aries – Mars – garnet, fire agate,
  • Taurus – Venus – emerald, Chrysocolla, rose quartz
  • Gemini – Mercury – sapphire, pyrite, golden topaz
  • Cancer – Moon- moonstone, Labradorite
  • Leo – Sun, sunstone, tigers’ eye, yellow calcite
  • Virgo – Mercury – fluorite, Mangano calcite
  • Libra – Venus – Larimar, rutile quartz
  • Scorpio – Pluto (Mars) – obsidian, jet,
  • Sagittarius – Jupiter – smoky quartz, turquoise
  • Capricorn – Saturn – sapphire, agates
  • Aquarius – Uranus (Saturn)- tigers eye, jaspers
  • Pisces – Neptune (Jupiter) – aquamarine, opal


  • Expansion of mind……One of the main reasons I like to visit the cosmos is to expand my mind… to release the man-made world and open myself up to limitless possibilities. The freedom, the peace, the wonder, the absolute vastness of space, no gravity, no mind just pure unpolluted awareness… that leads to deep knowing’s and heart wisdom.



So, let’s use tektites and meteorites to discover, through our inner world, the sheer pleasure of connecting to the cosmos. Also, just sharing, but Sirius is my favourite Star to visit… I really feel a connection to it, there is also the Pleiades and Orion to visit….so much to play with…

Tektites are meteoritic glass that is mainly composed of silica. They are formed when a comet or asteroid impacts the Earth. The Earth terrain melts and is ejected into the upper atmosphere at hyper-velocities. Tektites rain down.

Because they have no internal structure, they teach us how to live without the structure of the mind. They help us let go of expectations and live with an open mind, not predicting or speculating outcomes. They remind us where we are…… on a rock…. in a solar system…… revolving around the sun…. and illuminate us to truth of who we really are.

When you are aware of the illusion of the mind you are better equipped to release the past, live fully in the present and allow the gift of life to become joyous without the weight of expectation.


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