Using Shamanic principles and quantum physics they will offer you a full hour online consultation. You will receive an email consultation form prior to the session, a face to face zoom healing session and a full report of the energy exchange plus advice on how to continue using crystals independently to maintain the purer frequencies.

Jackie Winters


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Crystal Healing Video’s


Benefits of Crystal Healing

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Benefits of Crystal Healing

Cleansing Crystals

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Cleansing Crystals

Communicate with Crystals

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Communicate with Crystals

Perfectly balance the Chakra’s

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Perfectly balance the Chakras





Thank you Jackie for being such an inspiring teacher and healer.

You have the wit of the Victoria Wood, the energy of tiger and the patience of Dalai Lama! 😄🌞

You said that our lives will change when we incorporate crystals into our lives and you were spot on!

Although most of the time I was feeling sadness and grief in my life, the joy and healing of this group balanced it out. I was able to actually hold it together emotionally and keep going.

Thank you to all you fabulous women have shared such a poignant time in history. You are all so authentic and loving, truly special ladies.

We all came through a pandemic together. Jackie, you never showed an ounce of worry or anxiety during lockdown. You held your arms put to us all and supported us during such an uncertain time. You’re quite remarkable and to do your course at a distance for the first time.

I can say that this crystal course is amazing. Do the course from a distance actually helped me believe the power of crystals and energy even more as the results of our own personal experiences, as well as distance, healing each other was mind blowing stuff.

I shall never forget this experience and what I have learnt so far will keep me balanced and hopefully help others in the process too.

Suki Carpenter August 2020

I spent 15 years working in training and development (20 years ago)and was put on every personal development course going at the time. From what I see now, many of them are pre-packaged with a different title but this is in a league of its own- and to think we are only half-way through! ❤

Catherine Passmore August 2020 Leeds

Joanna Taplin recommends British Academy of Crystal Healing

2nd February 2020

If you have a connection to crystals and are drawn to discover how to work with their energy then I can not recommend Jackie Winters – British Academy of Crystal Healing enough. Beyond ‘standard textbook’ crystal training – Jackie is a true teacher of vibrational medicine. Jackie has nurtured my personal spiritual connection and growth allowing me to actually feel and connect to pure heart energy and communicate with the crystals. Her wisdom and experiences are second to none, but most of all her honesty, truth and kindness are inspirational. If you get the opportunity to train with her then it is a true gift that you will carry with you forever.

Charlotte Parker recommends British Academy of Crystal Healing

12th December 2019

I’ve been doing my crystal healing diploma with Jackie and I’m loving every minute of it. Jackie is such a wonderful person with so much knowledge and passion and she makes the learning really fun. She’s an excellent teacher and I’d highly recommend to anyone 

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