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Merry Christmas from:

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Jackie Winters founder of British Academy of Crystal Healing

Here’s a great idea for a Christmas gift for your family and friends

Messages from Mother Earth 2 is a pack of 44 beautifully demonstrated crystal cards with an explanation booklet. The cards are vibrant in colour and show an image of the crystal and a hand painted background that aims to portray the energy of the crystal. The booklet details the experience I had whilst holding and tuning into the crystals and offers recommendations for physical, mental and emotional imbalances that the crystal may help to rectify.

ONLY £14.99

I hope you enjoy learning how to work with them.

British Academy of Crystal Healing is now offering a Therapist Diploma in the art of Crystal Healing.



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Crystals Winter Sale Now On!

For a limited time only. Because of such a successful year we are taking the prices down on lots of Crystals.