20 – 27 September 2018

Medicine Wheel Retreat

15 – 22 October 2018

Diploma in Crystal Therapies

Therapist Diploma in Crystal Healing

Online OR Mountain Retreat


Dates: 15 to 22 October 2018 Course outline: The course is offered in 2 parts Module 1 & Module 2: The student will attend a 7 day retreat where all practical sessions and theory will be carefully explained in detail. 12 Units and assignments will be issued for home study, duly completed and returned electronically for assessment. The completed assignment should be stored either in an e folder or hard copy to be submitted to an external verifier. On completion of Module 1 the student will return to the retreat for 7 days to continue on to Module 2. Villa:  Situated ¾ of the way up the Cabrera Mountains in the Andalusian province of Spain, this fabulous villa is the perfect venue for a retreat.

The peace and tranquillity combined with spectacular views will allow your mind to surrender into the oneness and experience a deep connection to your Divine self. On your drive up the mountain look out for the large amounts of free growing Fuchsite, a lovely green form of Muscovite Mica that is inviting you to learn the ways of the crystals. Its amazing sparkle just seems to draw the eyes to it, no wonder it is known as the Healers Stone for its strong metaphysical properties, gentleness and heart frequency. Now imagine staying on a mountain covered in it……. BEAUTIFUL, every crystal lover’s dream!!

The retreat will offer you the opportunity to wake up in the morning with no agenda, to use crystals to realign your awareness to the Divine frequency without any EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that hinder the purity of the space you inhabit. Included in the price you will receive:

  • Accommodation : twin bedded rooms ( sharing a room if travelling alone)

Single rooms are available at a supplement cost.

  • All meals, (breakfast, lunch and dinner) water and snacks throughout the day
  • Daily tuition and deep healing, meditation and relaxation sessions using crystals
  • Use of all the crystals required for the duration of the course (They can be bought if the student desires

Flights: It is recommended you arrange flights to Almeria (the closest airport) or you can fly to Murcia or Alicante. Transfers from Almeria are approximately £20 each way and from Alicante and Murcia around 56 euros each way and can be arranged through shuttle services. Please inform us of your flight details once you have booked and if we can help with transfers we will. Price: £888 …A Unique opportunity to invest in your wellbeing, take time out to connect to your body and soul and use crystals to change the internal frequency and create manifestation in line with your Divine Purpose, (career) Deposit: A £150 deposit and completed application form is required to reserve your place. The balance will be required by the end of September 2018 if paying in instalments and 15 August 2018 if paying the balance in full.

Medicine Wheel Retreat

Back to Basics Accommodation

The British Academy of Crystal Healing is truly honoured to be teaming up with Nikki Wilkinson MA Creative Arts and founder of Yogic Dance to offer this sacred retreat. What you will gain from this retreat This retreat will give you a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to Mother Earth, to yourself and to a heart centred sense of community awareness. You will learn about the wheel of life, the 4 directions and the elements. You will discover where you are currently positioned on the compass and gain clarity on how to move more freely round the wheel of life. This transformational journey enables us to reclaim our power; take back control of our lives and become more conscious of the directions that we are choosing to take. You will gain clarity, control and an inner security to walk your path with more confidence.

Nestled within the Andalusian Mountains is this spectacular natural sanctuary. There are endless wild open spaces to discover and walk in and there is a riverbed with natural pools of clay; rich in minerals and iron for you to cleanse, nourish and bathe in. Within this canyon you will find an infinity of natural rock forms and teachers to discover and connect to.
On this retreat whilst each and every person will embark on their own personal journey and process it is also important to raise an active sense of community awareness and collaboration. Learning to share space and also respect one another’s space at the same time we feel is vitally important in order to bring about a new era of consciousness. The accommodation at the retreat is rural, simple and clean and comprises of 2 cortijos, an ancient mill and a log cabin. The sleeping space and rooms are communal and comprise of single beds. You will be allocated a single bed in shared space unless you have specified otherwise. Each building has a fully fitted bathroom and kitchen. There are also 3 new external showers and toilet facilities available on site.
Nikki Wilkinson has an M.A. in Creative Arts therapy and has also been trained in Shamanism, Wilderness Therapy, Ceremony, Tribal Dance, Tantra, Mindfulness and Arun (conscious contact). Her life path is dedicated to helping others reclaim, re-embody and celebrate the dance of the soul. .

Yogic Dance

Yogic dance is a practice of mindful movement that not only reconnects us to our physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies but also connects us to nature and to the elements within and around us. The core root to this practice focuses on harmonising the flow of energy throughout the body with: ⦁ Movement, ⦁ Dance ⦁ Rhythm ⦁ Conscious Breath Work ⦁ Sound and Voice Work ⦁ Posture ⦁ Mudras ⦁ Guided Meditation. A practice that enables you to fully step into the freedom of your being and become ONE with LIFE~THE SOULS DANCE

Medicine Walks

To be able to connect with nature it is important to be in nature so spending time alone to reflect, connect and find a vision or healing will be incorporated into the week. Each medicine walk will have a specific intention for you to take out onto the spirit of the land and on your return there will be a space within which your journey and story will be witnessed by the community.


Ceremony has been used since the beginning of time in all cultures across the globe to mark honour and celebrate life, death, transitions, cycles and seasons. Through ceremony not only do we connect to these vital moments but also we honour and give thanks to the Earth, the Elements, Mother Nature and the landscape that holds us. Ceremony creates a space within which we are able to share our stories together. Through the skills of deep listening applied within this space we strengthen our sense of compassion and understanding. A unified collective heart consciousness beautifully unfolds to reside within us and shine outwardly.

Earth Healing

Throughout the week we will connect to the quartz underground grid of life giving energy that feeds, nourishes, sustains and regenerates all life forms on this amazing planet. The results of group earth healing, with crystals, has been witnessed and acknowledged by many. Do not underestimate the power you have to make changes within the world when unity and an open heart are the driving force of the crystals!!

Creative Arts

Through art making, not only do we tap into our creative force but we discover a symbolic medium through which we are able to express and manifest our emotions and tell our stories. We learn new skills and are able to tap into a metaphorical language that leads us to these infinite depths of artistic communication and creativity. On this retreat we will mould and create tools that honour the elements and form part of our sacred altar.

Healthy Vegetarian Based Diet.

Enjoy a diet of home cooked vegetarian food, cooked with love and care using healthy natural ingredients that will nurture your soul and leave your body feeling energised and revitalised.

How to book

This valued investment in yourself will cost £625. The price includes 7 nights’ accommodation, tuition and all meals.
Flights are not included: Almeria is the closest airport with approx. 1 hour transfer Murcia is 1.30 hours transfer or Alicante is approx. 2.30 hours transfer Information on transport from local airports is available upon request.

Please complete a booking form and submit a £150 deposit.

The balance has to be paid by the end of July.