Bismuth – connecting the Spiritual and Physical realms of existence 

Bismuth has been around since ancient times and because of its resemblance to lead and tin has often been confused and identified as such it is widely believed that Bismuth is manmade, but according to ( it may actually occur naturally in small amounts  mainly in China but Peru Mexico and Japan also form Bismuth.


Healing Attributes Bismuth is thought to relieve feelings of isolation, emotionally and spiritually. It promotes a deep relaxation and an expansion of energetic awareness leading to an acknowledgement of all that is. It is said that Bismuth helps calm disorder and promote changes in the right direction. Used on the crown chakra Bismuth can transport energy to the base chakra, something other stones don’t do therefore can be used on all chakras. Bismuth can improve concentration and visualization during Shamanic journeys. It will aid transit from the physical plane to an astral or spiritual realm and will promote continuity in the process. It is believed that the power of wisdom can be achieved through bismuth and maintain a grounded awareness of the spiritual experience. As previously mentioned, bismuth can be used on any chakra to help balance energies and thereby enlightening recognition and insight of how you may be “getting in your own way” so to is also said to bring focus and promote good time management. It can be good for relationships, especially relating to groups of people or those experiencing difficulties working in a team.