Therapist Diploma

Jackie Winters FM BACH

Therapist Diploma in the Art of Crystal Healing

Dates and Venues: 15 – 22 OCTOBER 2018: Andalusian Mountain Retreat Spain Flights to: Almeria (is the closest) or Murcia airports
UK: NOVEMBER 2018 (dates to be confirmed) Serenity Self Care and Wellbeing Holker House,  Darwen Lancs. BB3 2RG
Cost: Module 1 – Certificate in Practical use of Crystals – Personal Development (Duration 6 Months) Cost of course £888 (£74 per unit) (2 modules are required to complete the Diploma payable in instalments) Module 2 – Diploma in the Art of Crystals Healing – Therapist Qualification (Duration 6 Months) Cost £888 (£74 per unit) Payment for the Diploma course may be made in monthly instalments prior to the course
Payments: I am going to pay the balance in monthly instalments to complete before the commencement of the course.


“An incredible journey of self- discovery and self- acceptance. I have grown not only spiritually but also on an emotional level too. I feel comfortable with who I am and finally aware of my true purpose upon this earth. There have been times where I have questioned my ability and validity to be on this course, however these dark moments passed and were necessary to realise and accept my true self. My life has changed so much for the better. Jackie gently encourages and lovingly nurtures all her students along the path of self- discovery and self- mastery, valuing everyone’s input and experiences. I have spent many enjoyable and fun weekends with a fantastic group of like-mind ladies. I sincerely give my thanks and gratitude.” Christine Wright 25/10/15

“The Crystal Therapy Course delivered more than I was expecting. There is far more to crystals than I had realised. Doing the course helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my life, and for me it has been life changing. I now see things much more clearly with better insight and understanding. The course taught me about how our past experiences can leave us with illusions. Working with crystals has enabled me to attain the wisdom to see the truth. The Crystal Therapy Course was amazing for me and has changed the way I view life. I hope that I can use it to help others improve and make positive changes to their lives too.” Julie Dean 19/10/15

“For me it’s definitely been a journey, the course has pushed my boundaries to experience things I never thought possible. It has made me reach deep within myself to find inner resources I never knew existed. It has helped me see me that I am capable of so much more.  For me it has been a life changing experience, being on the course and working with the crystals has definitely had the chrysalis effect on me. As has meeting lots of fabulous people, it has certainly been an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world, thank you. I know it’s an individual journey but the course has been so inspirational for me, and what has helped a great deal is how the course is conveyed by Jackie, a wonderful advocate of the crystal cause! Yes I would recommend both Jackie and the course ;)” Jane Goodwin 31 October 2015



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