Intro to Crystals

Jackie Winters

One day Introduction

To Crystal Light Therapy

Map Yoga Central Manchester


Dates and Venues: This course is available for “in house training”. See WORKING IN UNISON  Or at various venues across the UK (see details listed below) Course Cost: Varies depending on the venue. Length of Course: 1 Day Vibrational Medicine is now entering our world and in my opinion will be the preventative to illness and disease that will be utilised in the future. Intuition plays an important role in Crystal therapy however time spent studying and researching brings knowledge and wisdom to offer the student the opportunity of becoming a master in this art. I have spent over 30 years researching and developing techniques to offer students a greater understanding of the subject so crystals can be used wisely and effectively for all. There are at present many people using crystals and “unearthing” energies within themselves and others without understanding the consequences of their actions. This can leave recipients floundering in the energetic wave that is created. Morning session:   Vibrational Medicine:

  • Basic physics to understand the natural wave of energy expansion and contraction. Transmuting “live” energy.
  • So how does it all work? Bio photonic energy exchange, we are all light photons as explained by Einstein.
  • It’s all about harmony and balance: finding the correct frequency for you.
  • Introducing the crystals and how they can help.
  • Personal energetic reading through body talk,

(There are 26 locks of energy within the body that can alert you to any imbalances before they hit the physical aspect of your being) Work in pairs to assess the energetic resonance of your body and learn which attitude may need adjusting with help from the Crystal Kingdom. Afternoon session:    Layouts and Energy baths

  • Create a unique layout personalised for your particular frequency.
  • Incorporate a balanced, harmonious energy bath and just melt into the sensations and experience as you relax, release and regenerate your mind, body and spirit. Pure Bliss!!
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“Incredible insight, I never realised that you could actually knock people off balance with crystals!!! I am so glad I showed the crystal kingdom respect and came on this workshop to learn how to use them. I have now signed on the Diploma. Jackie is very knowledgeable and a great tutor.. loved it would highly recommend it “ Julie August 2015

“ A wonderfully relaxing day, I came away feeling the most relaxed I have felt in such a long time… it’s amazing what a difference it makes when you follow the guidance of an expert. So glad I came and I feel I can use crystals with a better understanding now. Celia August 2015