Beauty with Crystals

Jackie Winters FM BACH

BACH Short Course:

Beauty with Crystals:

Body Massage and Facials

Dates and Venues: This course is available for “in house training”. See WORKING IN UNISON CLICK HERE or at various venues across the UK (see details listed below)

Course Cost;               £220

Length of Course:      2 Days

Pre requisite:             Level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy, Massage Therapy, Crystal Therapy or Reiki practitioner (or equivalent)

Syllabus:                     Download syllabus here

Course: The aim of the course is to develop personal awareness of the natural light emitted specifically through the mineral kingdom and how to use it effectively within the Beauty and Wellbeing sector.

Accreditation: All of our successful students are awarded an FHT endorsed Certificate which is recognised throughout Europe. We pride ourselves in being one of the Uk’s leading authorities in Crystal Therapy and have attained a high standard of excellence over the last 10 years that is well recognised.

Structure of the Course The course will be delivered over a 2 day period with a total of14 hours of tutor led sessions. A home study questionnaire will be issued at the end of the 2 days for students to complete and submit for accreditation along with 4 case studies.

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Beauty with Crystals
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HITCHIN 14 & 15 April 2018
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