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Good news for founder of British Academy of Crystal Healing.

Jackie winters has been nominated for tutor of the year FHT national award.

The British Academy of Crystal Healing is a place where those who are genuinely committed to walking their Spiritual Life Path come together to expand their conscious awareness. To journey within and explore hidden depths of their being: reconnect with personal truth, love, peace and harmony. The result of which will lead to a selfless path of service to Mother Earth and her evolution.

Welcome to the British Academy of Crystal Healing

Offering Exceptional standards in education

The British Academy of Crystal Healing was established in 2004 and is one of the F H T’s Professionally Endorsed Training Providers. We provide specialised courses in Crystal Therapy from beginners with no formal qualifications to fully qualified Therapists and Post Graduate advanced courses. All of our successful students are awarded an FHT endorsed Certificate which is recognised throughout Europe. We pride ourselves in being one of the UK’s leading authorities in the field of Crystal Therapy and have attained a high standard of excellence over the years that is well established and highly recognised.
Intro to Crystals is an “in depth” one day workshop for those who would like to understand the benefits and uses of crystals. People that are using crystals without awareness as to their effects can be left floundering. This one day workshop will enlighten students on the basics of vibrational medicine and offer a first-hand experience of the effects. We travel to you for these popular workshops all you need is 8 students or you can attend one in your area.


The Beauty with Crystals accredited course is delivered over 2 days and has a pre requisite of a level 3 massage qualification, this course is delivered at venues all over the UK plus we offer “in house training”.


Angel workshops are held regularly throughout the year at various venues. They are heavenly!!! Why not host one or come along and join us at one of ours.

The Therapist Diploma in the Art of Crystal Healing is attained by completing 2 Modules: As from October 2018 we will be offering the Therapist Diploma in the Andalusia Mountains, Spain. Module 1: The Diploma will begin with a detailed tutor led week in the mountains where all of the theory and practical sessions will be thoroughly discussed, demonstrated and videoed to enable students to competently complete 12 assignments on line. The completed assignments are to be returned via email for assessment and stored either in an E folder or manually to be submitted to an external verifier for FHT approval at the end of the Module. The duration of each module is 6 months and the requirements are stipulated in the prospectus. Tutors will be available on line and a forum will be set up for students to interact with each other for the duration of the course. Module 2 will be delivered the same as Module 1 starting with a week in the mountains in May 2019. The cost of each module is £888 and can be paid in advance instalments if the student desires. Payments can commence upon enrolment to the course. The cost includes luxury shared accommodation in the villa, all tuition fees, course material, food, verification costs, and insurance for the course. 

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